Kathane N; Guide: Dhande P

Comparative study between 0.5% ropivacaine with fentanyl and 0.5% bupivacaine with fentanyl in usg guided supraclavicular brachial plexus block in upper limb surgeries.

Jha N; Guide: Tidke S

The effect of nebulized ketamine in decreasing the incidence and severity of post operative sore throat after endotracheal intubation in patients receiving general anaesthesia.

Katrale S; Guide: Dhande P

A comparison of hemodynamics and ease of intubation in intubating the trachea using intubating laryngeal mask airway after induction versus awake fiberoptic bronchoscopy in patients with difficult airway.

Rathi S; Guide: Jain S

A randomized controlled study for comparative evaluation of pre-emptive single dose analgesia with pregabalin vs. Lumbar epidural analgesia using bupivacaine in adult patients undergoing laparoscopic surgeries on postoperative pain and haemodynamics.

Community Medicine

Sarinkumar P S; Guide: Dambhare D

Development and validation of a tool to assess home environment conducive to child development for young children”

Joshi S; Guide: Maliye C

Impact of package of intervention promoting responsive feeding practices on nutritional status and eating behaviour of infants and young children. A cluster randomized controlled study.

Kolhe R; Guide: Gupta SS

Association of Father’s participation in responsive caregiving at 3 - 6 months of age with child development outcomes at 16 - 18 months of age: A cohort study

Muneshwar K; Guide: Gupta SS

A study to assess quality of complementary feeding and determinants of inadequate complementary feeding practices among mothers of children aged 6 – 24 months in rural area of central India: A cross sectional study with mixed methods.


Nandwani S; Guide: Kar S

A cross-sectional study of mucocutaneous manifestations in patients with End Stage Renal Disease on hemodialysis at a rural tertiary care hospital in central India.

Deshmukh A; Guide: Jain S

Association between AcanthosisNigricans and Metabolic syndromes at rural tertiary care hospital in Central India: A case control study.

ENT Karad P; Guide: Nagpure PS

Evaluation of nasal obstruction in a tertiary health care Centre.”

Kumar S VS; Guide:Garg D

A prospective observational study of Endoscopic Septoplasty and Surgical Outcome in a Rural based Tertiary Health care Hospital.


Agrawal B; Guide:Kalantri SP

Acute Undifferentiated Febrile illness in patients presenting to a tertiary care Teaching Hospital in central India : Etiology ,Clinical Spectrum and Outcome

Khan S; Guide: Jain J

Prevalence of dementia in elderly diabetics: A case control study from rural hospital in Central India.

Dhake V; Guide:Taksande B

Study of peripheral nervous system in sickle cell anemia

Thokal D; Guide:Saxena B

Predictors of mortality and length of hospital stay in elderly patients admitted to medicine intensive care unit in a rural tertiary care hospital.

Soni P; Guide: Jain V

Clinico-demographic profile and clinical outcomes of patients requiring ventilation support in a tertiary care intensive care unit of a rural teaching medical college: a prospective cohort


Kumari S; Guide: Thamke D

Prevalence of invasive candiadiasis in a rural tertiary care hospital: An Observational study.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ganorkar S; Guide: Jain S

Assessment of Growth Restricted fetus with special reference to Doppler studies and its perinatal outcomes


BhosaleN; Guide: ShuklaA K

Visual Outcome of Cataract Surgery After Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) or Phacoemulsification In Diabetic And Non-Diabetic Patients.

RathiN; Guide: Singh S

To Study The Effect Of Laser Assisted In –Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) Surgery On Ratio Of Axial Length To Corneal Radius Curvature In Eyes With Refractive Error

SundarkarT; Guide: Dhabarde A

A Clinical Profile of ProptosisIn A Rural Based Tertiary Care Hospital

Barghare T; Guide: ShuklaA K

A Study of the Prevalence of Concomitant Squint Among Primary School Children and an Evaluation of Their Binocular Functional Outcome Following Surgical Management”


Wankhede A; Guide: Badole CM

Functional outcome of patellar fractures treated by open reduction and internal fixation : A prospective study

Rathod H; Guide: Patond KR

Hospital based cross sectional study of osteoporosis in men with proximal femur fractures by peripheral DEXA


Kotalwar K; Guide: Gangane N

Role of Caspase 8 as a prognostic biomarker in breast carcinoma

Hagone S; Guide: Gupta A

FoxP3 expression and overall survival in breast cancer

Vaidya V; Guide: Shivkumar VB

Audit of transfusion practices in a rural tertiary care hospital

Bhutia D; Guide: Anshu

Immunohistochemical expression of cyclin D1 in lesions of the thyroid


Itihas A; Guide: Jain M

Umbilical cord blood gases analysis and composite neonatal outcome –A Cohort study

Kolhe S; Chauhan V

Prospective study of early and immediate outcome of preterm neonates in rural Medical College in Central India.


Rajput AS; Guide:Varma SK

To study the effect of wound healing activity of Musa Balbisiana sp. peel after application of low molecular weight heparin and anti-inflammatory activity on Wister Albino Rats.

Pandhare S; Guide:Gosavi DD

Adverse drug reaction of anticraving agents like Baclofen,Naltraxone and acamprosate in relapse prevention of alcohol withdrawal syndrome:observationalprospective study

Gorjelwar P; Guide:Kale R

Transfusion related adverse reaction in patients admitted in medicine department at tertiary care teaching hospital in central india.


Ahmed; Guide: Mishra KK

A cross- sectional study for assessmentand comparison of the magnitude andpattern of substance abuse in diagnosedcases of bipolar affective disorder andSchizophrenia in a rural medical college

Patil V; Guide: Mishra KK

A study of thrombocytopenia andhypokalemia in alcohol withdrawaldelirium in tertiary health care center inrural India


Sood A; Guide: Tayade AT

Association of Biochemical Parameters and Risk factors with Non Alcoholic Fatty liver disease in adults

Chavan N; Guide: Kale SK

“Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Evaluation of Bone Tumours with Histopathological Correlation in Radiograph Suspected Patients in Rural Tertiary Care”.


Deshmukh M; Guide: Vyas V

Experimental study to compare hypofractionated radiotherapy v/s conventional concomitant chemoradiotherapy in terms of overall response, toxicity profile and quality of life in head and neck cancers


PiyushDhaigude P; Guide : Jategaonkar P

A Prospective comparative study of perioperative complication of total extraperitonial hernia repair under general anaesthesia and Lichtenstein repair under local anaesthesia in rural tertiary care center.

Shah J; Guide: Gupta DO

Evaluation of Peptic Ulcer Perforation with a new prognostic scoring system.

Kakade R; Guide: Gupta DO

APACHE II Score in assessing surgical outcome in patients of perforation peritonitis

Page S; Guide:Pande R

“Comparative Study of Local and systemic antibiotics in prevention of surgical site infections”

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